Thursday, 26 April 2012

Back from Varese, preparing for Belgrade.

Things can change a lot in a couple of weeks. In my last post I said I had been disappointed not to be racing at the first World Cup event of the season, now I will be. I'll be racing in a pair with Cameron Nichol - he has been in the GB World silver medal eight for the past two years. We both went to university (UCL, Univ. of London) together and in the past raced quite a bit together - inc. winning Henley in 2007.

So for the next week we will be making are preparations to race in Belgrade, Serbia. It will be a good chance to get some higher intensity work done even though we have been put together at quite a late stage. George and Will are the selected GB pair and so the World Cup is a good chance to gauge progress against the guys currently selected in the Olympic seats.

My friend Fil's family are Serbian big wigs (his grandfather was the Serbian President), so I'm really looking forward to visiting a country he has raved so much about.

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Varese, Italy

I'm currently in Varese on training camp. Living the dream of afternoon coffees with Italian supermodels*.

*some or all of this statement may be false.

A few things have gone on while here -

• I turned 24 a week ago today. Sadly nothing too exciting went down, I had three session in my single scull and had happy birthday sung to me 5 times by the exact same group of people. I will always remember my 24th b'day though, as it was the first day I noticed I had a grey chest hair. I must be getting old!

• Training has been going well. I'm feeling much better than the last month and have been getting some good training done in my single. It means I've been in a boat on my own, which can be less exciting, but also gives me freedom to work on my things. It has been difficult to work technically on things as we have had quite strong rolling cross waves which has made things challenging, but I'm pretty happy with my base skill and looking to develop my efficiency and proficiency at closer to race pace.

• Today was the flattest and sunniest day we have had here - cold, wind and rain has been the forecast for the past two weeks. So there I was, part way through my session - enjoying some really good paddling - when crack, splash, bang. My oar randomly snaps in the middle of the lake - nowhere near anything, it 'crabs' (flips round) and throws my boat over. I'm then upside down, under the water trying to undo my feet. I get free and find part of my oar has sunk to the bottom. Thankfully I was out with others and there was a coach to pick me up and take me back to our boathouse. The other guys loved it, nothing like someone else's misfortune to cheer you up!

In a couple of weeks it is the first World Cup race of the season, sadly I won't be racing this time - but expect strong performances from all the GB boats.

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