Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Start

It's been a while but I'm back - back blogging and back rowing. 

An up and down summer; the torture of running with the team right to the edge of the Games, knowing it would all end too early for me, followed by a great Olympic multi-medal performance by some of my closest friends.  I explored the world of work, met some great people and inspiring businesses. There were a couple of exciting opportunities which gave me a real dilemma - cut my losses and start 'real' life or throw the dice once more? 

Ultimately, I still have that Olympic dream.  I have one hesitation though, it has to work - I have to be performing, I have to prove to myself that four more years are a worth while endeavour.  The main marker will be the World Champs next summer, I need to be there and need to perform at a standard that inspires belief.

I thank all those that have spoken with me over the past couple of months, it's helped form my view and it's good to know other people care.  Most of all, thank you to all those that have shown their support - not just recently, but over the past few years.

Soon I will look to blog on my adventures over the past two months, for now you can follow me day to day on Twitter @nrodtweets (a new name but the same account - if you previously followed me you still will be!). 


PS - I will also be moving the blog to wordpress in the coming weeks, I will post details here when all ready.